Coirtex also makes mats that range from Bathroom mats, Car mats, Coir brush mats, Entrance mats, Placemats, Toilet mats.


If you don’t catch the dirt at the entrance, it will find its way onto the first soft surface. We only sell high quality large doormats and entrance-well matting.

How do I know if I am buying a Quality Natural Fibre Rug?

When buying a natural fibre it is of utmost importance to critique the weave, weight and latex of the product. The fibres need to be tightly woven to ensure longevity. This also shows that more fibre has been used and gives the rug more density. Our recommendation at Coirtex is to always enquire about the weight per square metre.


The non-slip latex backing plays a big role in preventing allergies by not allowing dirt and dust to penetrate the carpet and underlay, thus making it easier to clean. The three qualities of latex available in SA are sponge, hand painted and oven baked, of which oven baked being far superior as it does not perish.