Information on Natural Flooring

What are Natural Fibres?
Natural Fibres are fibres that are derived from the leaves and bodies of plants.


Where Is The Fibre Grown?
Our natural fibre flooring is imported from exotic destinations around the world. Sisal, extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant, is grown in Brazil, Mexico, China and Africa. Jute is made from the root of giant corchorus plants grown in Bangladesh. Coir, a fibre hand removed from the coconut husk, is grown on the swaying palms of India.


Why Choose Natural Fibre Flooring?
The rustic subtleties of nature are woven into the very heart of our natural fibre flooring. Beyond simply functional, our designs are charming and indulgent.
Flooring is the first thing you feel as you step into a room, setting the tone for comfort and style. Coirtex Natural Flooring can easily change the entire look and feel of your home, adding value, warmth and beauty that will last for years to come.


Most importantly, natural fibres are 100% biodegradable, making it the perfect choice for those who are hoping to add more environmentally-responsible choices in their living spaces. Natural fibres are processed in an ecologically-sound manner and are of free of pollutants. They are also a completely sustainable resource and are each harvested with care.


Are the fibres and products durable?
Once used for ropes on ships, Coir and Sisal are tough fibres renowned for strength and durability. Jute however, is a soft and illustrious material which makes it better suited to light footfall areas.


How long will my product last?
Natural fibre flooring can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years and is largely dependent on how one takes care of their carpets. Excessive moisture, heat or rough wear and tear can shorten the life of your flooring. Correct installation, a gentle environment and the proper care will ensure that your flooring will last.


How is natural fibre flooring made?
Once Sisal and Jute are harvested, the fibres are graded according to length and quality. After colouring and drying in the sun, they are spun into yarn or cords suitable for weaving.


Coir, the toughest fibre, is first softened in seawater lagoons and pounded into a soft filament before being ready to spin into yarns. The spools of yarn are then woven on jacquard looms which is a slow and delicate process. This method is the best for producing the beautiful and intricate patterns and designs as seen on our rugs.


Why does my rug differ from the sample?
It is not uncommon that some of our rugs do not exactly match our samples. As with all natural fibre materials, colour variations occur due to weaving irregularities and the natural colours of each fibre which is attributed to growing conditions. Such variations however, add to each carpets distinct beauty and elegance.


How do I clean my carpets and rugs?
Like all carpets and rugs, regular vacuuming and cleaning is required. A thorough cleaning with a dry powder is recommended every 6 months, depending how much traffic it receives. Sprinkle the dry powder of a reputable brand on the carpet, leave for a while and vacuum. Coirtex has developed its own specially formulated powder that can help in removing stains. For more information on the powder please contact Coirtex Offices directly.


Never use a wet carpet cleaning system as shrinkage or water marking may occur.


Sisal is generally stain-resistant; however, if you do happen to have a spill, rinse with some club soda, blot dry and let it dry. If you must tackle a stain, try to use dry cleaning powder or seek advice.


Will the edges of my rug fray?
Correct wall-to-wall installation will prevent carpet edges fraying. Rug edges must be bound for long lasting durability, choose from our wide range of materials for creating unique rug borders.


Will the colour fade?
All natural fibres lose colour and fade over time, especially in direct sunlight. Its best to avoid placing dark natural flooring in intensely bright areas. Always remember that our natural floor coverings are intended for indoor use.


Does Coirtex offer customised flooring?
Coirtex Natural Flooring offers variations in flooring and rugs as unique as each
customer. Each rug can be sized and tailored to your exact measurements.


Complement your rugs with a border of your choice. Be original with our wide selection of materials including leather, jute, cotton and tapestry. Rolls are +/- 4 metres in width and 30 metres in length so please keep in mind widths as to avoid joins in loose rugs.


Is there a standard size?
Yes we have rugs that are standard sizes and these are Modern Kelims, Camel Wool Rugs, Gabbes, Double Thick Jute, Sherappies and Leather Rugs.


What is the lead time for making rugs and wall to wall fitting?
Customized rugs usually take +/- 7 working days depending on the size and quantity of rugs to be made up.


Wall to wall fitting is completed within 24 hours of acceptance of quotation.


Bringing It Home
Coirtex offers a delivery service but please note that this is an additional charge. Our installation team has extensive knowledge from training and experience, and will guarantee you a job well done.


What are inherent characteristics of natural fibre flooring?
When dealing with natural fibre flooring, no guarantee can be made with certain characteristics such as colour and weave. As such, one material may come out more perfect than another. Listed below are common irregularities a customer can expect.

  • A few knots, loose tufts -the fibres have to be tied off in the manufacturing process.
  • Some irregularities in the ribs, some might be close, some will be further apart, especially in Jute.
  • Variation in bowing and loop size can occur.
  • Direct sunlight should be avoided to preserve colour. Natural Floor Coverings hold up well in household and commercial conditions. In offices, we recommend that loose mats be laid under chairs with castors to extend rug life.


Why choose Coirtex Natural Flooring?
Coirtex imports only the best quality fibres and our weight per gram ratio of the fibres is of high density. All our products are latex backed which is very high in quality as it is baked in an oven to ensure durability and to stop latex from peeling of onto your floor.


All Coirtex products are backed by very strict quality control in the form of ISO 9000 International Standards Approval.