Wall to Wall

All our products can be installed as a fully fitted wall to wall carpet. Here at Coirtex we use a selected group of experienced fitters, who know the specific procedures for laying natural fibre flooring.

Coir must be damp/wet when it is layed – maybe the only time a hosepipe will be used in your living room! The reason for wetting coir is so that it won’t bubble later on. Arguably the easiest carpet to clean as it can be washed provided it was installed by us.


Jute/Hemp is fitted like any normal conventional carpet; the only difference is that we use a kicker and not a carpet stretcher. Although Jute (also known as Hemp in SA), is the softest fibre of the lot and is the most popular these days. It will however give you the least amount of years in terms of durability. When fitting Jute our fitters generally take a lot longer as opposed to Sisal and Coir, mainly due to the weight of our product (heaviest in the country) and also due to the difficulty in cutting this product.


Sisal is the easiest to install and has the widest variety from different colours to patterns in the natural fibre range.


Our products come on a 4m wide roll, so in large rooms joins are necessary, these joins will be visible as a natural product is imperfect. However if done properly joins look like they meant to be part of the carpet.


We are all about the service we will not hesitate to fix a problem should one arise even 5 years down the line. We would like a client and a friend for life!