Made to Measure

Coirtex has retained a small company atmosphere while building an infrastructure to support its growing sales. Our company values every relationship and gives personal attention to every customer ensuring that they receive excellent and outstanding quality and service.


We have a large selection of natural fibre flooring products; our range consists of Jute/ Hemp, Sisal, Coir, Seagrass as well as a selection of Kelims and Oriental Rugs.


We are able to custom make rugs to any size with a variety of borders to suite our clients’ needs. Our border selection consists of Cotton, Acrylic, Hessian, Leather, and Vinyl and in some instances no border at all is also an option.


Things that set us apart from the rest:

  • Our cotton and acrylic borders are all imported (due to quality issues in SA)
  • All bindings are stitched with an inner thus decreases the chances of puckering and adds to the longevity of the borders.
  • We provide four mitered containers
  • Our latex is oven baked and of the highest quality
  • Turnaround time approximately 10 working days including delivery
  • If need be a rug can be dispatched within two days, this however does come at a cost