Hemp Collection

Hemp is warm and cozy underfoot, our hemp carpets are rustic, charming, and as pure as the hemp itself. We offer our Hemp range in a number of patterns and colours, namely, Boucle, Panama and Herringbone which are available in natural gold, natural silver, ash and dark grey.


It’s easy to see why Hemp is our best seller. It is soft under the foot, comfortable and come with an oven baked biodegradable latex.


At Coirtex, we can custom make any size and shape of rug as well as offer a wall to wall fitted solution. Our customized rugs is all done in-house and our wall to wall installations are done by our own full-time team members.


It is important to remember that all natural fibers will have colour variations from batch to batch as well as weaving irregularities – all of which adds to the character of our fibres.


Our Hemp range also consists of rugs under our Double Thick Jute page. These are reversible rugs offered primarily in the Boucle weave. These rugs are standard sizes and is a more cost effective option to that of having a customized rug made up.


Click Here for details on caring and maintaining your Hemp flooring.