Coir Carpets & Coir Rugs Collection

Coir is made from coconut fibre and is one of the most versatile materials ever extracted from Mother Nature. The husks contain elastic but strong fibres which are harvested and soaked for many months before being beaten, washed and dried. After this process, the fibres are carefully spun into yarn. Coir fibre is 100% organic, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It is hard, strong and resistant to rot, mould and moisture.


The natural colour of coir is anything between a golden to reddish brown which makes it perfect for more rustic environments.


Coir is aesthetically appealing, making it a perfect decorative natural carpeting material. Recent years have seen Coir become a popular decor accessory in homes and in commercial areas due to its golden to reddish brown hue. Unlike synthetic rugs and carpeting, Coir gives your feet the right warmth in winter and comfortable coolness in summer. Coir can be fitted into any area of your home including the kitchens and bathrooms due to it being a durable hard wearing floor covering.


At Coirtex, we have two Coir designs, namely Boucle and Herringbone. All variants are imported on large rolls with a biodegradable latex backing.


Laying Coir Carpet – We lay our Coir in a unique way, using the ‘Wet and Stretch method’. First a 1000g acrylic underfelt is laid and then the Coir is laid on top. Water is applied to the Coir and then stretched. When the coir dries, the fibres tighten and help prevent rippling later on. The wetting of Coir on installation also helps eliminate the risk of spill marks which may occur.


Care and Cleaning – Coir should be vacuumed regularly like any other carpet. Latex backing allows for containment of dust and dirt, preventing it from penetrating the underlay or floor. We recommend using Carpet Refresh every 12 weeks for its antibacterial properties and as a way to rejuvenate the fibres.
Our recommended Carpet Refresh can also be used as a spot cleaner.