Reversible Jute Rugs

At Coirtex, our Double Thick Jute Rugs or Reversible Jute Rugs are made from the same fibre as our Hemp rugs.


The rugs are available in standard sizes which is a more affordable option than having a customized hemp rug. The majority of these rugs are reversible and do not have a latex backing nor a boarder. However, we do stock a few that are latex backed but without a border. Our Reversible Jute Rugs come in three colours, namely Natural Gold and Natural Silver. Below is a table of the various sizes we stock.


All Natural Fibres work on weight and thus there will be variance in pricing. At Coirtex we only stock the highest weight per sq./m that is on offer in these rugs.


Click Here for details on caring and maintaining your Jute flooring.