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Coir is made out of coconut fibre and is one of the most versatile materials ever extracted from Mother nature, the husks contain elastic and extremely strong fibers. These husks are harvested and soaked for many months, and then beaten, washed and dried. Finally, the fibers are spun into yarn. The natural colour of coir is golden brown to reddish brown and is suited for rustic environments. Coir fibre is 100 % organic, biodegradable, ethnic and hygienic. It is hard and strong, resistant to rot, moulds and moisture.

There is also an aesthetic aspect associated with coir, making it a perfect decorative natural carpeting material. It is a fashion statement as a popular decor accessory in homes and in commercial areas. More importantly unlike synthetic rugs and carpeting, coir rugs and carpeting give ones feet the right warmth in winter and cool feel in summer. Coir carpets can be fitted into any area of your home including kitchens and bathrooms, and is a very durable hard wearing floor covering.

Our Coir comes in three different weaves; Boucle, Herringbone and Panama. Coir has a special place in our heart as this is what our business started out with. Coir rugs and carpets are latex backed and does not mind being washed with water.