Seagrass Collection

Seagrass carpet is an entirely natural product, grown and produced in the paddy fields of China, which are flooded with seawater during crop season. The seagrass is collected by hand and sundried, then spun into cords which are woven into the designs used for floor coverings.


As a carpet, seagrass is smooth and shiny, and can therefore be used in lots of different places around your home. Due to its shiny, sometimes slippery, surface it is best to avoid covering stairways in seagrass for safety reasons.


In comparison to all natural fibres, seagrass is cheaper yet versatile. Due to the surface of the seagrass it is not the softest to walk on. Seagrass carpet is said to reduce noise. We are able to install Seagrass wall to wall as well as custom made rugs.


We stock our seagrass in roll form 4m wide latex backed. This is a chinese product and therefore has a sponge latex with decreases the price in comparison to that of Sisal, Coir and Jute/Hemp. We also offer seagrass in a square form 30cm x 30cm (estimated) and this can be made into any size in multiples of 30cm. This option cannot be fitted wall to wall.