Sisal Collection

Sisal is made from the leaf of an Agave plant which is family to the cactus plant. Sisal is stronger and more durable than most natural fibers. The fibers are extracted by crushing the pulpy leaf, thereafter being washed, dried and graded before being spun into yarn. Sisal is well known for the great durability of its yarns and does not build up static nor does it trap dust. The natural colour of Sisal is an off white yard and thus all Sisals are dyed with vegetable dyes into a variety of attracting colours.


Sisal carpets and wall coverings have been widely used for decades. It makes for a perfect rug in your home or wall to wall installation. Our range of Sisal is the biggest in our collection with various colours and weaves. Depending on the weaves, certain Sisals will feel softer under foot than others. Sisal is recommended for most areas in your home, but not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens.


Care and Maintenance – Spot removal involves the use of our recommended Carpet Refresh cleaning powder specially formulated for natural carpets. Carpet Refresh can be used on any carpet for an antibacterial effect as well as spot remover. We highly recommend having your Sisal carpets protected by Wet Away liquid barrier protection. Wet Away is an amazing product that will be a perfect prevention rather than cure scenario.
Please have a look at our short video on our web page illustrating the effects of Wet Away.


Installation of Sisal – We install our Sisal on 1000 grams of under felt, fitting takes place like any conventional carpet. Sisal is a stretch carpet and will give a slightly tighter feel in winter and softer feel in summer.